surveying services

  • Right of Way Acquisitions documents for Houston and TxDot

  • City of Houston Water Meter Easements Documents No. 584 with GPS

  • Variance preparation of owners research & submittal

  • Land Use Maps for Hotel Permits for City Planning

  • Encroachment Land Surveys

  • Abandonment of Rights of Ways with City of Houston Real Estate Department

  • Abandonment of Easements with City of Houston

  • ALTA Land Surveys – Statewide ALTA survey on Aerial Surveys (option)

  • Boundary with GPS, RTK surveying and ROBOTIC Total Stations (2 Units)with Data Collectors

  • T opographic Surveys with Utility Investigation

  • As Built Surveys and Elevation Certificates

  • Construction Staking with GPS surveying (2 Units)

  • Subdivision Platting with Variances and public hearings (Houston & Adjacent Cities with zoning) with GPS surveying


REKHA Engineering did the first ever, original survey of the Pyramids at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas!

REKHA Engineering did the first ever, original survey of the Pyramids at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas!

At REKHA Engineering, Inc. we stay at the forefront of advanced technologies. Whether your project needs include traditional land surveying services, high definition laser scanning, or GIS geospatial cartography services, we are your industry leader in preparing enhanced project deliverables, from conceptual planning, design, through construction and owner occupation.

Our land surveyors are highly trained experts in the implementation of advanced production techniques that adhere to our strict quality control policies, ensuring accurate results and timely completion of projects.

We utilize high precision surveying instruments that provide our clients cost effective field survey data collection that accurately depicts any existing field condition. We recognize that every project deserves the most exacting of survey procedures and that errors or delays are not an option for success in this new economy.

Surveying is the science and art of measuring to determine the relative positions of points above, on, or beneath the surface of the earth—or to establish such points. REKHA Engineering uses GPS and Total Stations with an electronic field book to accomplish and document this fieldwork. GPS offers an order-of-magnitude increase in accuracy and shorter occupation time. This system utilizes radio signals from a worldwide set of navigational satellites that broadcast continuously.

I was attracted to the connection with history that Land Surveyors experience in the form of plans, field notes, and from surveying monuments built decades or even centuries in the past.
— Mark Mason