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 Clients choose to work with us because:

 We ENGAGE our extensive experience, which is built on our rich history in design, investigation, and scientific principles.

 We COLLABORATE with clients and project team members to develop a range of creative approaches, explore ideas and evaluate options and objectives.

 We FOCUS on delivering successful results delivered on time through the application of sound engineering and comprehensive investigation.

 We RESPOND to project challenges promptly and professionally.  Tight schedules, new information, and revised project objectives, are no problem.

Mr. Dinesh N. Engineer, P.E. 51551 (REI). President, has 45 years of experience in municipal civil engineering field which 35 years with local firms in Houston and first 10 years in Michigan area. His experience includes municipal infrastructure management such as public road, drainage and utility projects, public storm and sewer lift station designs with force main designs, hydraulics, hydrology, waste water sewer treatment plants and process. Will provide coordination assistance and quality control review plus coordination

if Mr. English is not available. Mr. Engineer, prior to starting REKHA Engineering worked for prominent local civil engineering firms such as Bernard Johnson Corporation. He started REKHA Engineering, Inc. in 1986. (100% contribution in time) - Education: Master of Science- 1970 – University of Toledo, Ohio, Bachelors of Science 1965 Sardar Patel University, India – see detail resume below

Mr. John H. English, CET, Senior Vice President and will be project manager for this project. He has 40 years of civil engineering and land surveying management with local engineering firms in Houston plus project manager on each land survey performed by REI. He will be the main contact for the company. He will, in coordination with Mr. Engineer PE prepare proposal request, define scope of work, issue work order in the company network, daily review the progress and quality control of the survey, monitor the preparation of each project, provide quality control with Mr. Engineer, PE, and respond to any

questions from the client during the preliminary to final product of the project. Mr. English has been Project Manager with REI for civil engineering projects for:

a) City of Houston and Pearland Municipal infrastructure projects such as public roadways, public utility and drainage systems, right of way acquisitions, new and expanding of right of ways, utility investigations

Martin T. Roe R.P.L.S.

“After just over 33 years of operating as Roe Surveying Company, I have been presented with an opportunity of merging my operation with REKHA Engineering Inc., a Civil Engineering and Surveying Company that was founded about the same time I started Roe Surveying Company back in 1987. The Sr. Vice President of REKHA Engineering, Inc., John English and I have worked together many times over the years with me providing surveying services on numerous projects, specifically related to boundary surveying. Current conditions and timing have resulted in an opportunity to bring both companies together as a team, expanding our capability and enhancing our ability to provide continued services to our current client base with an uninterrupted and greater potential for expansion. With this merger we will be able to enhance our capability to include full robotic instrumentation and GPS, RTK (real time kinematics) surveying services, thereby increasing our ability to better serve your needs.

REKHA Engineering Inc. is a multi-facet Civil Engineering and Surveying Company that provides an expanded line of services, much, more than I am currently able to provide.” - Martin T. Roe

                       O U R  M E T H O D   .  .  .  makes use of the project/team method to accomplish our client's objectives.  When a particular project is undertaken, a team is formed, and its members are selected on the basis of individual expertise.  The team leader has overall responsibility and is totally dedicated to the project until completion.  In this manner, even the most complex task can be completed efficiently, on schedule, and well within budget, while the lines of communication between client and consultant remain intact. It is in its staff members that the strength of REKHA Engineering  resides.  Each staff member is highly-skilled and dedicated, qualified by education, training, and experience, and motivated by professional pride.  The firm enlists the services of staff members from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds in order to assure the quality and competence of the firm

                   O U R  C L I E N T S .  .  are private companies, municipalities, agencies, architects, developers, and institutions across several markets - Industrial buildings, Water services, Energy, Land resources, Non-profits, Surface transportation, Civil Site Design, Survey and Federal Government initiatives. Our highly qualified and broad-based professional staff with good working knowledge of innovative design procedures and present day construction practices are committed to achieving the highest quality of professional expertise regardless of size or complexity.  We are a registered Houston MBE and HUB firm.  Our experience ranges in design of municipal utility districts for 550 acre developments, municipal projects for cities, counties and school districts, feasibility, business, and preliminary reports for private and public developments has kept us as one of the top go to engineering and survey consulting firms in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Galveston. Familiar with building codes, LEED certification, residential subdivision planning and construction coordination, plus the overall management of the project and its local government approval.